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Results for Sam Waller

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Topper January,2006 Sam Waller 20 21 TOPPER OPEN MEETING View
Topper June,2010 Sam Waller 5 16 North East Topper Traveller View
Topper July,2011 Sam Waller 6 24 North East Area Champs View
LASER 4.7 November,2011 Sam WALLER 20 42 Inland Championships View
Topper April,2012 Sam Waller 7 28 Beaver Open View
TOPPER April,2012 Sam Waller 7 27 TridentUK North East Topper Traveller View
RS200 August,2014 Sam Waller 57 119 Volvo Noble Marine RS200 National Championships View
Handicap July,2016 Sam WALLER 22 231 Lord Birkett View
RS200 July,2016 Sam Waller 4 15 Filey Regatta @fileysc @RS200Racing View
RS200 August,2016 Sam Waller 36 97 RS200 Nationals @RS200Racing View
RS200 October,2016 Sam Waller 16 50 RS200 Inlands @RS200Racing View
RS200 November,2016 Sam Waller 19 21 End of Seasons @RS200Racing View
Handicap January,2017 Sam Waller 37 56 Steve Nicholson Memorial Trophy - DH View
RS200 April,2017 Sam Waller 2 18 Open @RS200Racing View
RS200 June,2017 Sam Waller 23 48 Open @RS200Racing View

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