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Results for Stuart HUDSON

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
No Selection February,2014 Stuart HUDSON 192 835 GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series Overall View
Handicap January,2014 Stuart Hudson 29 285 Bloody Mary View
Star September,1999 Stuart HUDSON 29 102 Worlds View
Star September,1998 Stuart HUDSON 26 79 Worlds View
Pursuit September,2014 Stuart HUDSON 25 37 Battle of Classes View
Star January,2000 Stuart HUDSON 13 36 Miami OCR View
Star June,1999 Stuart HUDSON 11 30 Kiel Week View
LASER June,2015 Stuart HUDSON 11 68 Laser Masters View
Star May,1999 Stuart HUDSON 10 16 Holland Regatta View
LASER June,2016 Stuart HUDSON 8 54 Laser Masters Nationals View
LASER October,2017 Stuart Hudson 8 69 Masters Worlds @IntLaserClass View
RS200 August,2005 Stuart Hudson 7 101 Gul RS200 Nationals 2005 View
LASER June,2018 Stuart HUDSON 6 59 Laser Masters Nationals @IntLaserClass View
Topper Xenon October,2012 Stuart Hudson 6 25 2012 Endeavour Championship View
FIREFLY August,2014 Stuart Hudson 4 34 GJW Direct Firefly Nationals View

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