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Results for Mac Courts

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Laser March,2006 Mac Courts 75 90 Stokes Bay Standard Q View
Laser March,2005 Mac Courts 63 89 Stokes Bay Standard Q 2005 View
Laser Radial March,2007 Mac Courts 42 75 Stokes Bay Std Q 110307 View
LASER March,2011 Mac Courts 36 60 Qualifier View
Laser February,2004 Mac Courts 30 90 Stokes Bay Standard Q 2004 View
Laser March,2003 Mac Courts 27 104 Stokes Bay Standard Qualifier 2003 View
LASER March,2018 Mac COURTS 26 33 Laser Q @IntLaserClass View
LASER March,2013 Mac COURTS 22 42 Laser Standard and Radial Qualifier 1 View
LASER June,2016 Mac COURTS 15 54 Laser Masters Nationals View
LASER June,2015 Mac COURTS 13 68 Laser Masters View
LASER May,2012 Mac Courts 5 46 Laser South Coast Grand Prix View

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