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Results for James MORLEY

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
No Selection February,2014 James MORLEY 310 835 GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series Overall View
Handicap February,2013 James MORLEY 105 208 Rutland Challenge for the John Merricks Tiger Trophy View
Handicap February,2014 James MORLEY 103 165 Tiger Trophy - GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series View
Handicap January,2014 James MORLEY 91 128 Steve Nicholson Memorial Trophy, GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series - (single and double handers) View
RS200 September,2008 James Morley 55 78 Inlands View
ENTERPRISE August,2012 James Morley 44 52 Enterprise National Championships - Day One View
ENTERPRISE August,2015 James Morley 31 67 Enterprise Nationals View
ENTERPRISE July,2014 James Morley 30 54 Noble Marine Enterprise Nationals View
ENTERPRISE April,2012 James Morley 29 32 Noble Marine Enterprise Inlands View
Laser November,2008 James Morley 28 35 Inlands View
ENTERPRISE July,2013 James Morley 22 50 Enterprise Nationals View
ENTERPRISE May,2016 James Morley 22 50 Enterprise Inlands View
LASER April,2009 James MORLEY 21 24 RYA Youth National Championships and Trials 2009 View
ENTERPRISE April,2014 James Morley 13 44 Enterprise Inlands View
ENTERPRISE November,2016 James Morley 12 22 Enterprise Winters @EntAssociation View

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