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Results for Mike Senior

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
GP14 August,2017 Mike Senior 2 64 Nationals @GP14sailing View
GP14 May,2017 Mike Senior 4 31 Inlands @GP14sailing View
Handicap January,2017 Mike Senior 5 56 Steve Nicholson Memorial Trophy - DH View
GP14 August,2016 Mike Senior 2 36 GP14 Nationals @GP14sailing View
GP14 May,2016 Mike Senior 1 34 GP14 Inlands View
GP14 April,2016 Mike Senior 5 105 GP14 Worlds View
LARK August,2014 Mike Senior 3 30 GJW Direct Lark Nationals View
GP14 June,2014 Mike Senior 2 67 GP14 National Championships 2014 View
No Selection February,2014 Mike Senior 330 835 GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series Overall View
Handicap February,2014 Mike Senior 59 165 Tiger Trophy - GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series View
Handicap February,2013 Mike SENIOR 2 60 Steve Nicholson Memorial Trophy - Double Handed View
Handicap February,2013 Mike SENIOR 32 208 Rutland Challenge for the John Merricks Tiger Trophy View
LARK November,2012 Mike Senior 7 28 Lark Winter Championship View
GP14 July,2012 Mike Senior 1 39 GP14 Irish National Championship View
LARK June,2012 Mike Senior 10 50 Lark 2012 National Championships View

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