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Results for Jacob ALLEN

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
OPTIMIST May,2017 Jacob ALLEN 149 207 Optimist Inlands @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST March,2016 Jacob ALLEN 119 164 Optimist Springs View
OPTIMIST October,2015 Jacob ALLEN 140 164 Optimist EOS View
OPTIMIST July,2015 Jacob ALLEN 142 155 Optimist Nationals (Jumior) View
OPTIMIST May,2015 Jacob ALLEN 166 198 Optimist Inlands View
OPTIMIST October,2014 Jacob ALLEN 33 45 Optimist End of Seasons - Transition Fleet View
OPTIMIST September,2014 Jacob Allen 27 35 Welsh Zone Championships 2014 - Optimist Main Fleet View
OPTIMIST August,2014 Jacob ALLEN 12 50 Optimist Nationals - Coaching Fleet View
OPTIMIST May,2014 Jacob ALLEN 54 61 Inlands (Regatta Fleet) View

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