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Results for Alden Shattuck

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
LASER January,2014 Alden Shattuck 83 90 ISAF Sailing World Cup - Laser Men View
Laser January,2010 Alden SHATTUCK 102 103 ISAF World Cup Rolex Miami OCR 2010 View
Laser February,2009 Alden SHATTUCK 50 65 Rolex Miami OCR View
Laser January,2009 Alden SHATTUCK 50 63 ISAF World Cup Rolex Miami OCR 2009 View
Laser March,2007 Alden SHATTUCK 232 831 ISAF Rankings View
Laser January,2007 Alden SHATTUCK 93 117 Miami OCR View
Laser January,2005 Alden SHATTUCK 12 33 Miami OCR View
Laser January,2002 Alden SHATTUCK 29 46 Miami OCR View
Laser January,2001 Alden SHATTUCK 22 23 Miami OCR View
Laser August,1999 Alden SHATTUCK 34 55 Canadian and North American Championships View
Laser January,1997 Alden SHATTUCK 4 9 MIAMI OCR View
Laser August,1996 Alden SHATTUCK 39 95 CORK View

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